Design and 3D Modeling

Realplast’s designers and developers in the projects are experienced top experts.

The latest design tools help our customers to perceive the final product before starting production. Designers also have partners for testing and model production with 3D printing technology.

A functional and long-term development process

We want to be involved in our customer’s product development project from the beginning. In this way, we can offer our own special expertise for the customer’s use, and the product becomes as productive as possible from the very beginning. One of our important goals – ready at once – is usually best achieved through extensive cooperation.

We can offer extensive know-how thanks to our own experience and good partners. We are familiar with the manufacture of multi-component products.

Finished product or production process for the customer

We offer our service with the end product in mind, carry out the assembly and, if necessary, procure additional components ourselves. The customer receives the most complete units for their own production. In some cases, it makes sense to deliver the finished product packaged and final inspected to our customer.