Professional Injection Molding of Plastic Realplast is with the customer from product design and development all the way through to post-production and assembly.

Realplast provides customers all of our knowledge and know-how as well as our fast production, which is able to suit demanding needs and high volumes.
Slide Slide 2 - en Production We use 1-, 2- and 3-component injection molding machines for the manufacture of products as well as 6-axis robots suitable for product handling, assembly and packaging. Realplast's modern production control and quality control system as well as modern production equipment guarantee customers only top-quality products. Product sizes: approx. 0.02 g to 800 g. Raw materials: engineering plastics, elastomers and their combinations Automation the products and inserts are processed by robots, for example, the inserts are heated before being exported to the mold.

Robots can be used to make assemblies immediately after injection molding in a cell.

Robots and logic controllers enable quality control during production with iOT and artificial intelligence.
Assembly We will assemble the products based on the needs of the customer. If necessary, we are able to provide:
- Supplies and the preparation of assembly aid devices
- Readiness to deliver the product in the customer packaging with its documents
- Buffering of the delivery batch

One of the advantages of assembly is flexibility for the customer. Other advantages are:
- Quantitatively and qualitatively accurate deliveries
- An agreed amount of complete and working units always available
- No unnecessary stocking
From Design To Production We want to be included in our customer’s product development project from the beginning. That way, we can provide our specific know-how for the customer and the product will end up being easily manufactured already at an early stage. One of our important goals, “done and dusted”, is usually best achieved through extensive co-operation.

We are able to offer extensive know-how thanks to our own experience and that of our good business partners. We are also acquainted with the manufacturing of multicomponent products with injection molding.
ENG Tuotannonohjaus ja -seuranta ENG Käytössämme olevan nykyaikaisen toiminnanohjausjärjestelmämme ​ansiosta voimme palvella asiakkaitamme entistä paremmin ​ja reagoida nopeasti ja ketterästi asiakkaidemme tarpeisiin.​

Järjestelmän kautta saadaan online-seuranta myös iskumäärille ja käyttötunneille​ huoltovälien seurantaa varten.

Our long experience in designing various plastic products and technical injection molding of plastic guarantees that Realplast always commits to the agreed-upon production schedules and can be flexible as the customer’s needs change.

The product range of Realplast includes various optical and protective lenses, sealants, device cases as well as technical plastic parts. We also provide an assembly service.

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Technical plastic parts

  • Demanding dimensionally accurate plastic products
  • Various device cases
  • 2K and 3K products
  • Insert molding


  • Conductive products
  • Various device covers and hoods
  • Seals and guards


  • Optical and protective lenses, photo conductors
  • Screens and protectors

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Realplast works in close co-operation with RealComposite Oy that specializes in extremely robust composite products and solutions. We can also be in charge of the whole product service together by utilizing both of our companies’ strengths.

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